Lay Hiang's Portfolio | The Balvenie Connoisseurs of Craft
Lay Hiang's Portfolio
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The Balvenie Connoisseurs of Craft

The Balvenie Connoisseurs of Craft is an initiative by The Balvenie to aid the growth of craftsmanship in Southeast Asia, with the mission of preserving the art of handcrafting, restoring the value of craftsmanship and encouraging its appreciation.


To achieve this, the aspiring craftsmen are given well-equipped workstations, a conducive working space for creation, mentorship by the masters in their respective areas of expertise and the promotion of their craft on various platforms.


We started this year-long initiative promoting through digital platforms such as microsite, Facebook and Instagram. This allows us to build sufficient contents to associate the brand with crafts. We then bring the interaction back to the public by conducting craft workshops regularly. This series of activities increases social talkability, at the same time, allow our audience to advocate the brand emotions we will like to bring across.


GOODSTUPH Private Limited


William Grant & Sons (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.


May 2015